JackTel offers privacy based android rugged phones built with using AOSP, native microG and F-Droid. We make it easy to de-boogle. New phones with warranty. You are free to choose and install Apps you choose. Users can activate our phones any number of carriers that permit bringing your own device. These carriers include T-Mobile and Verizon.

JackTel brings you hardware that can be used with a large number of carrier service plans. JackTel devices are based on an open-source surveillance free ecosystem that helps protect you from big-tech data mining. We are not a service provider. You are free to keep your existing service plan. We cut through the clutter and bring you devices that are pre-programmed with an open-source Android operating system. This operating system is based on AOSP/GSI. It’s loaded on new quality phones that include a warranty, freemium services and support. Our typical customer is simply looking for a new android device with a little privacy in mind.


New OEM 5G equipment with a 1-year warranty directly from us.
Hardware sourced from trusted and quality manufacturers.
5G compatibility for high-speed connectivity.
USA shipping and tech support for convenience.
8GB RAM and 256GB storage for ample performance and storage capacity.
64MP front camera and 32MP rear camera for high-quality photos and videos.
30W fast charging capability for quick battery replenishment.
5000mAh battery for extended use on a single charge.
Bootloader unlock and relock capabilities for advanced users.
Rugged phone design for added durability.
MicroG fully configured to enhance privacy.
Free of BigTechPlay for increased privacy.
100% bloatware-free for a clean user experience.
Plug and play for all T-Mobile subscribers and most Verizon subscribers.

JackTel Shortcomings:

Requires the installation of an app store like Aurora to access most apps due to US regulations. Alternatively, users can directly install .APK files via external SD, browser download, or USB transfer from a computer. Most APKs can be found outside of BigTechPlay.
No internal microSD slot, but phones come with 256GB of internal storage. Users are encouraged to use an external Type-C thumb drive for large file transfers or transfer files via USB to a computer.
No 3.5mm headphone jack. Have an old car without bluetooth? This device will not play thru your speakers.
No preinstalled maps; users need to install a secondary map system like Sygic, JackTel’s preferred choice.
Default open-source browser may be slow to load due to privacy settings (connecting to Swiss servers from US). Users can opt for less private browsers for improved speed.
Most apps will work without BigTechPlay, but some, like Samsung Wear, require it. Apps like Apple Music, SiriusXM, Telegram, and Sygic work fine.
The phone is not completely Deboogled; some features such as the dialer, contacts, and messages rely on Bigtech. Privacy purists looking for a completely deboogled phone should consider installing a free system from F-Droid.org
Access to banking systems is frowned upon while using any of the privacy based open-source systems such as VPN. you must disable VPN when accessing systems that require accurate location

More Information

You are free to run the apps you choose while concealing most activity. JackTel help discourage BigTech data mining. Imagine an android phone without bloatware. Imagine that phone loaded with privacy features to boot. You are free to install any app from any company as you would with your factory Android operating system. Some limitations apply.

Why JackTel instead of your store-bought Android operating system? Device privacy is a growing concern among users, especially in the USA. Android, at its core, is an open-source project. The core is known as AOSP(Android Open Source Project). AOSP is very stripped and somewhat harmless. By the time this core has closed source software added it becomes problematic. Every device from every carrier contains bloatware, trackers and closed source software. Every App wants access to your personal data. This can be frustrating to manage. Why does a game need your physical location, inside and out of buildings? Your privacy is harvested and literally sold to the highest bidder. Have you ever wondered how the two largest big tech companies are worth an estimated 2 trillion dollars when they offer free services? It’s not really free. You are the product! Data collected with these systems is harvested and sold at a profit. You are worth an estimated $80 per month to big tech. Everyone has a story about how they were creeped out by big tech. Your personal life is the product. Take control of your data JackTel.

Several google free operating systems exist. Getting an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) system on your device is often complicated for most. We eliminate the risk of killing your device with DIY ROM loads. JackTel has done the homework for you. We source the phones, load the software and put some protection in place for that purchase. We also test and use the very products we sell. We may test 40 phone cases before offering one to you. Jack tel devices may have been loaded/tested to three new devices over a 6-month period before a retail model is chosen for sale. Our team has more than 20 years’ experience with custom firmware covering 20 manufacturers. More than 20 years of security experience with mobile phones. Phones are software developed and loaded in the USA. We are a USA based entity.

Is JackTel for everyone? Absolutely not. Like quitting smoking, you have to choose to quit big tech. It’s not all road made of gold. Replacing apps created by billion-dollar tech companies is sometimes hard. Jacktel devices are very user friendly. You are free to use the Apps you want. This can include big tech apps such as popular map systems. Have an app you can’t live without but it owned by big-tech? Jack Tel devices will help reduce the data collected by these apps. Good alternates exist for every app. Hooked on G* Music? Try Apple music. Cant live without Gmaps? Try a superior replacement called Sygic. Alternates are often built with open-source code. It’s never been easier to switch.

Jack Tel is not reinventing the wheel. Millions of people are using AOSP based mobiles phones. We simply bring open-source technology to the masses. We find the best open-source privacy technologies and bundle them into one device. We then add freemium services and a warranty. Our devices have an amazing concentration of privacy tools built in for a true OEM experience. We remove the stigma associated with self-loading custom roms on used devices. Our devices are new, unlocked, with a full warranty and support. Our software has been developed using factory OEM tools, not modified OEM firmware.

Please see our FAQ for more information

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